Feature article in Viva Lewes, October 2019

Feature article in Viva Lewes, October 2019

The Show Doesn't Go On!

Crikey, who saw that coming! Lockdown. It gives us time to write and antisocially rehears at a distance but all the same, it's not the same. We have a few bookings come up and fingers crossed they can go ahead. Like everyone, we've had our cancellations, including one in France.

The HOP 50+ in Hove was great, lovely venue, brilliant audience, and we felt very welcomed. We're hopefully returning there in October.


Brilliant venue and set at The Grove Theatre, Eastbourne in January, back there in September. New songs! They have only just opened (again) and are really trying to make a go of it. Here's hoping we can do that one again! And a terrific show at Depot Live Brunch in Lewes. It's such a special venue and great to be there again. We had a full house of a few familiar faces and Depot Brunch folk, so it was full for both halves of the 90 minute set, 26 songs in all, with an encore.

As you can see above, we also had a lovely, chatty interview published in Viva Lewes in October.

The core of our music is our songwriting and we now have so very many between us, in all styles. It's a driving force that keeps us constantly moving forward. We don't do many gigs as we are particular about where we play and the right audience makes all the difference.

We've had life enhancing experiences at The Blind Veterans UK in Ovingdean and are back there in November. In previous times we played for an hour to a seated audience of mainly residents. Most were partially sighted and most were war veterans. It wasn't easy choosing a setlist! Grandson Louis (13) joined us on drums and did a brilliant job, especially considering we had only 30 minutes rehearsal time. Afterwards we talked to some of the residents and apart from receiving great feedback we felt even more privileged to have performed for them. Notable was Nancy - 'I always bring my knitting and sometimes leave halfway though these concerts', she said, 'but I'm going to ask that you come back! There was something for everybody, I loved it'. Nancy is 97 and fell in love with Peter, also 97, in the Blind Veterans, and they are getting married there in April. She held my hand, winked, and added,'We think it's best not to have children as we don't really want to be looking after them at this age'. Wonderful. When we performed a second time we dedicated the show to Nancy and Peter, and Colin wrote a song specially for her.

The Park Run show was great and nobody ran away.... Colin wrote a special Parkrun song that went down really well, we loved it, so many familiar faces.

What a party Colin's was! Thank you to everyone who came, from far (and the far past) and near. A brilliant set with all the family and especially little Roberta up on stage most of the time, Louis on drums, Ruth on violin and Adam on 'cello.

Another gig at The Printers Playhouse in Eastbourne.

We get our guitars out wherever we are, individually and together. Colin played in California, Lance was at music festivals. We did a Festival. OK it was the Newhaven Fish Festival not Glasto but hey, it's a Festival. Outdoors, loads of people, good PA, dancing, a dog on stage, local radio, the wind in our hair - all that hippy stuff of youth.

We celebrated it back at BOM-Bane's in Brighton, just two days short of our full 12 months. What a lovely show, even if I do say so myself. A gorgeous crowd of friends and a few Bom-Banes folk we didn't know. We had a couple of audience participation numbers to liven things up: Lisa came on as a 'surprise' guest on the tambourine (amazing what you can get when you ask) and the oh-so-talented Ruth helped us end on a high note by playing violin - how great was that! Now it's down to writing, learning new stuff, seeking out venues and consolidating, as well as all the other things we are doing to make life sweet. I think I must learn some harmonica...

Printer's Playhouse in Eastbourne on the 2nd was so enjoyable, for so many reasons, and thanks to Chris for having us.

I was in touch with Peggy Seeger who we saw at her book launch. Superb autobiography by the way, please read it! I took the opportunity to send her a mail and received a personal reply. What a wonderful surprise. Apart from thanking me for my mail and being nicely chatty she said she really likes our songs, high praise indeed, I felt so flattered.

Playing at the Depot was amazing. I get a real thrill from performing in a place I've always felt easy in. I'm a volunteer usher there so you might bump into me when you go see a film. A lovely venue of course and thanks to Carmen for facilitating it. We saw some good friends there, plus Depot visitors who were there for the Live Brunch. A bit of arm-in-the-air waving... great fun. A lady in the audience, who really didn't look like she was enjoying it, came up afterwards and was incredibly enthusiastic and flattering, comparing some of our songs and delivery to Pete Seeger. That alone made the gig worthwhile. Yes, I'm beginning to feel like a Seeger.

The show at the Linklater Pavillion in Lewes was really different - the Wildlife Trust benefited from all the donations on the door, thank you to all who came. We had a theatrical time! The 'stage' was set with an old fashioned theme: an ancient radio, books, poster, table lamp... and somewhere Ali could do her knitting when not playing the double bass! It was very cool with cabaret style tables and candles. We won't be able to do that set up again for a while unless we can get the right venue.

Hoping to see you soon... please get in touch, especially if you have something nice to say and even more especially if you have any ideas about venues or bookings.