Strong and stable, vote for me. I am able, just watch me!

I'll press the button for a nuclear war, my money's safe I keep it all offshore...

...We've introduced a magic money tree

If you want a pay rise well, nothing's free!


...The news and the weather, make them stand in the corner

Muttering their half truths and dirty little rumours

They're really very dismal, they really lack in humour

They only know the half of it, they're only trying to fool you...


There has never been a better day than today, never been a better time than right now

Dream away, dream away, don't let anybody's plans get in your way.

There are endless possibilities don't be afraid to dream

Once you start the journey, you are flying...


Ipod, iPad, makes you happy, makes me sad 

Cyber dreams, not what they seem and I don't understand 

What the fuss is about with the twitter and the memes

Don't F***Book me, come shake my hand 

I'm an analogue man in a digital land.


It's strange, some days are just like that, they're strange.

Sitting in my room,thinking of you.

I'm feeling flat, I'm feeling blue.

Thought I'd cheer myself up, thought I'd go to town,

But the sky is falling down.

It's raining dogs and cats,

What d'ya think about that?

So I'm ringing you up to say,

It's been a metaphorical day.


Superman came down today to a Chinese takeaway 

He was in the queue when I heard him say...

You're gonna blow the Earth real soon can’t get a takeout on the moon,

Got his egg fried rice and then he flew away.

Now he’s moving all his stuff to a new place 

Somewhere up amongst the stars,

He’s put all his clothes in a suitcase and left it somewhere on Mars…